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Modular Wheelchair Ramp Configurations

Modular Ramp Plan Drawing

The ramp layouts shown below are just a few of the possible configurations available to you with our commercial modular ramp system.

A ramp run longer than 30 feet must have a resting platform (5'x5' minimum) in order to meet ADA requirements. Please check with your local building department for specific ramp requirements in your jurisdiction.

Our modular commercial ramp system is made from high quality aluminum and the walking surface has deep grooves for traction. The handrails are continuous and smooth for comfort and durability. Ramps are 48" wide (usable) and are ADA & IBC compliant when used at a 1:12 slope ratio. Ramps can also be made to custom widths. Always check your local code.

L shape ramp with stairs         L shape ramp


Straight ramp with stairs         Straight ramp with platform


U shaped ramp with stairs         U shaped ramp


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1:12 Ratio
ADA recommended slope for public access & walking elderly.



2:12 Ratio
Maximum ramp slope recommended for residential use with assistant.



3:12 Ratio
Maximum ramp slope recommended for loading unoccupied wheelchairs.



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